Bring the web to the desktop.
Turn web applications into native desktop apps.
;; Load Ceramic and our app
(ql:quickload '(:ceramic :lucerne-utweet))

;; Ensure Ceramic is set up

;; Start our app
(lucerne:start utweet.views:app :port 8000)

;; Open a browser window to it
(defvar window (ceramic:make-window :url "http://localhost:8000/"))

(ceramic:show-window window)
Ship everywhere.

Ceramic is built on top of Electron, the same library that powers the Atom text editor, and this enables it to run on the three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Compile to native executables.
Don't worry about having to minify your JS: Ceramic applications are compiled down to native code, ensuring both performance and enabling you to deliver closed-source, commercial applications.
*slime-repl sbcl*
CL-USER> (ceramic.bundler:bundle :ceramic-hello-world
                                 :bundle-pathname #p"/home/eudoxia/app.tar")
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Compiling app...
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